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We are pleased to announce a CBS Religion Special, on Dec. 5th, on the CBS television network.
We have given them permission to use pictures they found on our blog for inclusion in this critically important documentary.
Below is the e-mail received from the producer we are working with including some scheduling information and the press release.
Hello Bill and Harriet,
Here is a link to the press release for the show about what faith groups are doing in Haiti.
The show is airing nationally, at different times in different markets.
Here is a sampling:
New York on WCBS on December 19th at 1pm
Los Angeles on KCBS December 5th at 5am
Chicago on WBBM  December 5th at 630am
Miami / Ft Lauderdale on WFOR  at 6am
West Palm Beach on WPEC on December 18 at 1230p
If you have other cities you’d like me to check, let me know I’ll look them up.
Again, thank you for your help with getting the images and necessary permissions for this.  We are so pleased with the results.
CBS PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                                                                    November 9, 2010
            HAITI: RELIGION’S RESPONSE TO DISASTER, a CBS Religion Special about the assistance given to the people of Haiti, will be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 5, on the CBS Television Network.  (Please check your local station for exact time.)
            After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti in January 2010, some of the first responders were religious relief organizations.  These faith-based groups continue to work in Haiti, as the road to helping the country sustain itself remains a very long one.
The program looks at relief efforts begun immediately after the quake as well as the progress currently being made in Haiti by faith-based organizations.  Members of Church World Service, Catholic Relief Services, Jewish Distribution Committee, and United Methodist Committee on Relief will share stories about their work with viewers.
            Burton Joseph, a humanitarian program manager at Church World Service (CWS), was born and raised in Port-au-Prince.  He assists CWS with expanding rural food co-ops, getting children back to school in new buildings and aiding those with disabilities before and after the earthquake.
            While religious relief organizations worked to help the living, they often struggled to cope with the dying, with some groups mourning the deaths of their own members. Representatives from United Methodist of Relief Committee (UMCOR) were in Haiti when the earthquake hit and lost two members, Reverends Sam Dixon and Clinton Rabb. Melissa Crutchfield, UMCOR’s Assistant General Secretary for International Disaster Response, tells viewers about the Haitian people’s struggle for survival and UMCOR’s renewed efforts and commitment in Haiti.
            The Jewish Distribution Committee (JDC), another faith-based group working in the country, has a long relationship with Haiti.  Jewish refugees from Central Europe immigrated to Haiti in 1938 with JDC assistance, an action that saved them from the atrocities of the Holocaust.  Gideon Herscher, JDC’s Haiti Relief Director, talks about how the organization is reaching its goals to help the country recover.  The JDC has opened a new rehabilitation center that serves amputees and injured victims.
            Also featured on the broadcast is Charisse Classman, a Washington-based Legislative Assistant for Catholic Relief Services (CRS), a Catholic organization working in and committed to Haiti since 1954’s Hurricane Hazel.
John P. Blessington is the executive producer and Liz Kineke is the producer.  The special was produced in cooperation with the National Council of Churches, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Islamic Society of North America, the Union for Reform Judaism and the New York Board of Rabbis.
*   *   *
Press Contact:                      Jeremy Murphy      212-975-4577


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Today’s Post – November 14, 2010 Reminder – 12/5 CBS Religion Special: Haiti: Religion’s Response to Disaster

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