Call for Papers – 19th Yad Vashem International Conference of Holocaust scholars

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Dear Friends,

“The 19th Yad Vashem International Conference of Holocaust scholars (12/12-20/2012), which is organized in cooperation with the Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities in the East, will focus on new research examining those turning points along the following lines:

The End of 1942 – A Turning Point in World War II and in the Comprehension of the Final Solution?

  • · The connection between the military developments and the spreading of information about the murder of the Jews and its comprehension in the free world.
  • · The impact of the Allies military successes, including the liberation of formerly German-occupied territories, on the comprehension of the Holocaust in the free world, by Jewish communities and organizations and by the local populations, especially in North Africa and the Soviet Union.
  • · The impact of the Allies military successes on their readiness to rescue European and North African Jewry.
  • · The ways in which the declarations regarding the Final Solution were prepared and formulated; in this context, Pope Pius XII’s Christmas speech of that year will also be considered.
  • · Who among Jews and non-Jews (in governmental circles and among the populations) in occupied and Axis powers countries listened to the declarations and to the news about the German defeats broadcasted from the free world and how did they interpret them in letters, diaries etc.
  • · How were the declarations comprehended by Jews and non-Jews in the free world, in letters and diaries, in internal discussions in organizations, in letters-to-the-editor in newspapers, in governmental circles, in sermons of rabbis and clergymen, and the like?
  • · What impact did the declarations and the German defeats have on the initiating of rescue attempts and schemes by the Yishuv and by Jewish organizations in the free world?
  • · Did Operation Torch and the liberation of North Africa result in a new understanding of the place of North African Jewry in the Jewish world? What was the effect of the legacy of Vichy in the immediate aftermath of liberation in North African countries?”

Application Form

Call for Papers December 2012 Conference

Please spread the word.

Thank you for your interest and assistance,

Harriet and Bill


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