UPCOMING 6-Hour Program on World War II

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Series Description:

WWII Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West

In confidential meetings held throughout the duration of World War II, Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill sparred and negotiated for the political and economic interests of their nations – making deals that sometimes had less to do with right or wrong than the expediency of their individual wartime goals. Rare wartime documents made briefly available only after the fall of the Soviet Union help reveal the real story. Historian and filmmaker Laurence Rees tells the unknown story of Stalin’s backroom dealings – first with the Nazis and then with Roosevelt and Churchill. Juxtaposing conventional documentary elements with dramatic recreations, the series breaks through the myths of the Allied powers, illuminating the hidden motivations of “The Big Three” and creating a dynamic reappraisal of one of the seminal events in world history.

Episode 1 – Unlikely Friends (Summer 1939 to Autumn 1941) Duration: 1:56:46

The first episode lays bare a history of secret allegiances that Stalin wanted to hide. Before he was allied with Churchill and Roosevelt, Stalin offered help to Hitler and the Nazis – much more help than the rest of the world knew.

Episode 2 – Cracks in the Alliance (Autumn 1941 to December 1943) Duration: 1:56:46

On August 12, 1942, Stalin finally came face-to-face in Moscow with Churchill. Despite the upbeat newsreels of the time, it was hardly a meeting of minds. As one of Churchill’s generals later remarked, “We were going into the lion’s den and we weren’t going to feed him.”

Episode 3 – Dividing The World (January 1944 to August 1945) Duration: 1:56:46

On the verge of an Allied victory in Europe, a new fight was just beginning over who would control parts of Europe. Using unique archive material only available since the fall of Communism, this episode reveals the unknown forces that were tearing the Alliance apart just as victory was in reach.


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