Recalling the children who went through hell in Theresienstadt

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Card collector: Anna Wexberg-Kubesch invites active collaboration

Card collector: Anna Wexberg-Kubesch invites active collaboration

“Continuing to live”

Anna Wexberg-Kubesch recalls the children who went through hell in Theresienstadt.

There are two rooms in psychotherapist and historian Anna Wexberg-Kubesch’s office near the Naschmarkt: one for treatment and one for history. She invites us to her desk in the history room to tell us about herself and her work. It is immediately evident that this is where she feels more at home.

On the glass table in front of her are three postcard-size brown cards. Each card has a small hole in it and a word stamped on it. One card says “NEVER”, another says “FORGET”, and the third says “WHY?” The letters on the stamp recall the typography of terror, the file cards used by the Nazi bureaucracy and the words typed by the bureaucrats who organised the murder of six million people.

The historian explains: “The cards are intended to draw attention to the children and teenagers who went through the hell of Theresienstadt.” Their fate is still not well known: “Only 150 survived.”

She has made 15,000 cards, each one standing for a young life that was destroyed. She is hoping in the next three years to persuade as many people as possible to take one or more of the cards and to add to it with their own words, photos, illustrations and collages.

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