Edgar Rosenberg Biographical Information

The following is Edgar’s biographical information:


Edgar Rosenberg
born September 21, 1925, Fuerth in Bayern
married (1) Birthe Terp-Johansen
born ?March 5, 1942, Copenhagen
married (1) Edgar Rosenberg
September 12, 1965, Ripton, Vermont
divorced November/December 1978, Ithaca, N.Y.
married (2) Allan Rode c. 1980
died December 7, 2006
married Barbara Anne Hollington
married Edgar Rosenberg
October 7, 2007, New York City


Otto Nathan Rosenberg
born January 6, 1890, Fuerth in Bayern
married Lilly Arnstein, August 1924, Fuerth i. B.
died October 1, 1978, Arlington, Virginia

Lilly Arnstein
born January 7, 1904, Fuerth in Bayern
married Otto Rosenberg, August 1924
Fuerth i. B.
died August 2, 1970, New York City


Max Rosenberg
born August 28, 1956, Fuerth in Bayern
married Johanna Holzinger c. 1886
Fuerth i. B.
died ?October 1930, Fuerth i. B.

Johanna Holzinger
born November 3, 1864, Fuerth in Bayern
married Max Rosenberg c. 1886
Fuerth i. B.
died November 16, 1947
Lengnau (Aargau), Switzerland

Eugen Arnstein
born 1879, Fuerth in Bayern
married Fanny Beck, c. 1902
Fuerth i. B.
died ?November 1930, Fuerth i. B.

Fanny Beck
born November 16, 1879, Pilsen,
Austria (Czechoslovakia)
married Eugen Arnstein c. 1902, Fuerth i. B.
died summer 1941, New York City


Who’s Who in America
Who’s Who in World Jewry
Directory of John Simon Guggenheim Fellow,
International Biographical Dictionary of
Central European Emigres, 1933-1945
The Timetables of Jewish History


(Early entries may be a year off)

Maischule, Fuerth i. B., 1932-35
Israelitische Vor- und Realschule, Fuerth, 1935-1939
M. Viau [private school in Port-au-Prince], 1939-1940
Junior High School 115, New York City, 1940-41
George Washington H.S., New York City, 1941-44
Manhattan Business School, New York City, 1944
[part-time, learning shorthand]
City College of New York, 1944-1945
Cornell University, 1945-1949 (BA), 1950 (MA)
University of Illinois, 1950-1951
Teaching Assistant, Stanford University, 1951-53,
1954-1957 (Ph D, 1958)
Instructor, San Jose State College, 1953-1954
Instructor, Harvard University, 1957-1960
Briggs-Copeland Assistant Professor f English
Harvard University, 1960-1965
Associate Professor of English, Cornell University,
Professor of English, Cornell University, 1969-70
Professor of English and Comparative Literature,
Professor Emeritus 2002-


Fuerth in Bayern, 21 September 1935-late March 1939
Montreux [with foster parents], April-May 1939
[on board the “Claus Horn,” June 1939
Port-au-Prince, late June/early July 1939-February 1940
New York City, February 1940-January 1944
U.S. Army, Weatherford and Paris, Texas, 1944
Grt. Britain, Eupen-Malmedy, 1944-1945
Ithaca, New York, 1945-50
Urbana, Illinois, 1950-1951
Menlo Park, Los Altos, California, 1951-1953
San Jose, California, 1953-54
Palo Alto, California, 1954-1957
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1957-1965
[Israel and Western Europe (sabbatical March-August 1953]
Ithaca, New York, 1965-
London, 1973-1974 (Guggenheim Fellowship)
Jerusalem and Haifa, 1988-1989 (Fulbright Fellowship, Haifa)
Lacroix-Falgarde [Toulouse], April-September 2008, 2009

AWARDS: [again, as above]

Combat Infantry Medal, 1944
Undergraduate Writing Award, c. 1948
Phi Beta Kappa, 1949 or 1950
Doubleday Fiction Award, 1950
Stanford Creative Writing Fellowship, 1951-1952
Bread Loaf Writing Fellowship, 1952
The Annual Father Lahey Lecture, Loyola College, 1966
Cornell Research Grants, 1967, 1968, 1969
John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 1973-1974
Fulbright Fellowship, 1988-1989
Cornell Teaching Award [c. 1997]


[Partial checklist; entries incomplete; dates frequently
uncertain–off by a year or so. The roster spans 57 years].

“Salvation” (story), Cornell Era, 1957
“The Assassin (story), Epoch, Winter 1958
[on interrogating PW’s at the front]
“The Happy One (story), Commentary, 1949
“Our Felix” Stanford Stories, 1951; rept. Twenty Years
of Stanford Stories, c. 1967; rept. Students’s Choice
[novella-length version of “The Happy One,” supra]
“Next of Kin” (novel-fragment), Commentary 1951 or ’52
[fictionalized account of voyage to Haiti]
“Jewishness and the Younger Intellectuals,” Symposium
Commentary, 1959
“A Vengeance” Transl. of Thomas Mann’s vignette
“Geraecht” [1903], Esquire, 1959
From Shylock to Svengali: Jewish Stereotypes in English
Fiction, Stanford, 1960; London, 1961
“The Jew in Western Drama,” Bulletin of the New York
Public Library, 1968; rpt. as introduction to reprint
of Edward D. Coleman’s The Jew In English
Drama [1940?], New York, 1970
“Tabloid Jews and Fungoid Scribblers,” Introduction to
Reprint of H. R. S. Van der Veen, Jewish Characters in
Eighteenth-Century English Fiction and Drama [1935],
New York, 1973
“A Preface to Great Expectations,” Dickens Studies Annual
“Thirteen Years Later,” Symposium, Midstream, 1972
“Small Talk in Hammersmith,” Dickensian [date uncertain]
“Dating Edwin Drood,” Dickensian [date uncertain]
“The Six Endings of Great Expectations,” Dickens Studies
Annual, 1982
Vanishing Acts” (story), Commentary 1982
[Entries to an Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust c. 1998]
Entries for Rainer Kipphart / Erich Maria Remarque
Hitler Over My Head” (story), Midstream, 1999
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, ed. E R, Norton
Critical Edition, New York 1999
“Edmund Wilson on George Orwell on Dickens,”
Dickensian, 2002
“[Why Don Carlos?] On Thomas Mann’s ‘Disorder and
Early Sorrow,” Explicator, 2001
“[At Signora Angiolieri’s] On Thomas Mann’s ‘Mario and
the Magician,’” Explicator, 2002
“Nickleby’s Pilgrimage,” Dickensian, 2004
[“Aschenbach High and Low] On Thomas Mann’s
‘Death in Venice,’” Explicator, 2004


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