Christians in Houston Commemorating the Holocaust in Over 40 Cities in the US and Worldwide

Houston will be one of 40 cities participating in the March of Remembrance on the occasion of Yom HaShoah to commemorate the Holocaust and break the silent indifference of modern day anti-Semitism.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 21, 2012

On April 22, Christians in more than 40 cities all over the country will take to the streets for the March of Remembrance on the occasion of Yom HaShoah to commemorate the Holocaust and break the silent indifference of modern day anti-Semitism. Marches will also take place in Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, and Kenya. The marchers will be joined by Holocaust survivors who share their story and descendants of Nazi perpetrators form Germany who find the words of remorse their fathers and grandfathers could not find.

The main event for this annual observance by the March of Remembrance is held in Washington D.C. on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, this year at Taft Park. Our theme is “Honor, Educate, Remember, & Engage”. Our speakers, Peter Loth and Paul Argiewicz, survived Stuthoff and Buchenwald camps respectively and will give public testimony at an open-air meeting. We will begin with prayer on the National Mall at 14th & Jefferson SW, a block away from the U.S. Holocaust Museum, at 2 PM and walk from there to the U.S. Capitol.

Pastor Jobst Bittner from Tuebingen, Germany, who is the founder of the March of Life Movement and the March of Remembrance, summarizes the vision for 2012 as follows: “There are still 175,000 Holocaust survivors in the United States. To this day, both they and their descendants are still living under the shadow of the Holocaust. Every one of them is a living testimony of what it means for a nation to be caught under a veil of shame and silence. Remembering together with them and honoring them is showing we have learned from the past. Hearing their stories teaches us for the future. Standing with them in steadfast friendship to Israel and taking a stand against anti-Jewish attitudes, the down-playing of the Holocaust, and modern anti-Semitism strengthens the democratic values of our communities. During the past few years, the March of Life movement has mobilized tens of thousands to stand with Israel and against anti-Semitism in more than ten nations. If the Church in Germany had taken to the streets during the Nazi era, Auschwitz would not have happened. If they had broken their silence and overcome their shame, the Holocaust would not have been possible.”

Registered Marches will take place in the following cities: Washington D.C., Birmingham (AL), Montgomery (AL), Tucson (AR), Chico (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Orange (CA), Paradise (CA), Redlands (CA), Boulder (CO), Colorado Springs (CO), Denver (CO), North Colorado (CO), Pagosa Springs (CO), Miami (FL), Melbourne (FL), Atlanta (GA), Hilo (HI), Benld (IL), Greencastle (IN), Terre Haute (IN), Wichita (KS), New Orleans (LA), Yaphank (NY), Greensboro (NC), Kernersville (NC); Dayton (OH), Bartlesville (OK), Portland (OR), Pittsburgh (PA), Knoxville (TN), Nashville (TN), Canton (TX), Dallas (TX), Del Rio (TX), Fort Worth (TX), Greenville (TX), Houston (TX), San Antonio (TX), Bellingham (WA), Renton (WA), Spokane (WA). There are at least a dozen unregistered marches taking place spontaneously also.

unregistered marches taking place spontaneously also.

Find out more about the March of Remembrance and the March of Life movement:


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