EU to look into antisemitism on continent

The Jewish Chronicle
By Simon Rocker, May 25, 2012

The European Union has commissioned a major investigation into antisemitism by the London-based Institute for Jewish Research (JPR).

An online survey, which will be carried out by Ipsos MORI, will gather evidence on the experience of antisemitism in nine EU countries.

Jon Boyd, executive director of JPR, which will be collaborating with experts in Israel and Europe, said: “It is clear to all observers of contemporary Jewish life that antisemitism continues to be a major preoccupation and worry in Jewish communal circles.

“If it is ever to be effectively tackled, it is essential to have shared, reliable data. This survey is designed to provide that data: this is an important and unique opportunity for thousands of European Jews to share their experiences and voice their concerns with policy makers working at the highest European and national levels.”

The study, which will be published next year, has been commissioned by the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights.

Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, head of the agency’s department of equality and citizen’s rights, said: “Antisemitism remains an issue of concern today, not only to Jews, but to everyone in the EU.”

The nine countries are Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Sweden and the UK.



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