Nazi Flag Soldiers Sought by French Authorities Following Slayings at Jewish School

The Algemeiner    March 19, 2012

3 former French paratroopers being sought by authorities in connection with a string of recent murders, including Monday’s attack in Toulhouse where 4 people were killed at a Jewish school. Photo: screenshot via The Sun.

Confirming earlier reports which said French authorities suspected the involvement of 3 former paratroopers who were discharged for posing in front of a Nazi flag, in Monday’s murderous rampage at a Jewish School in southern France, The Sun newspaper is now reporting that French police are looking for the 3 men.

“Cops probing the fatal shootings of a teacher and three children at a Jewish school are hunting three soldiers sacked over claims they were neo-Nazis,” the Sun reports.

All 3 men were released from France’s 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment in 2008, after a fellow service member reported them for posing in front of the swastika branded flag.

Last week, 3 members of the 17th Regiment were killed in the middle of the day in the town of Montauban, and according to French authorities, the weapon used in that attack was also used in Monday’s shooting in Toulouse.


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