Professor Paul Lawrence Rose

Paul Rose – Pennsylvania State University

Professor of European History

Mitrani Professor of Jewish Studies

320 Weaver Building
University Park , PA16802


Office Phone: (814) 863-0790

Curriculum Vitae


  1. PhD, Universite de Paris I, 1973
  2. MA, Cambridge University, 1974
  3. BA, MA, Oxford University, 1968


My main interests are in several fields: German history, especially the history of exterminationist fantasies and mentalities – and the phenomenon of collusion by major cultural and artistic figures during the Third Reich; European intellectual history, including the mentalities of intellectual and religious conversion – and the history of science; and Jewish History (history of Zionism and Israel, and of antisemitism. In my work and teaching, my general approach is to integrate emotion and sensibility with political and intellectual history. My Current book projects include: Antisemitisms; The Burning Book (The Talmud in the History of Antisemitism); Copenhagen 1941 (Stories of the Atomic Bomb); Wagner to Hitler; Ausrottung (History of a Fantasy and a Reality); Faust in the Third Reich.

Recent Publications:

Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project, 1939-1945: A Study in German Culture. Berkeley, CA: University of California, 1998.

Wagner: Race and Revolution. New Haven: Yale UP, 1992.

Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1990.

Awards and Service:

Visiting Senior Fellow, Christ Church, Oxford University (2006)
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow (1998-1999)
Visiting Scholar, Oxford Centre for Hebrew Studies (1990)

Recent Courses:

HIST143 – History of Fascism and Nazism
HIST416 – Zionist History 1890-1948

HIST497B – Holocaust: Its Origins and its Impact on the Jewish Diaspora

Research Interests:

German History; Antisemitisms; Jewish History

Department Fields:

Modern Europe

Current Work:

“I’m bringing out a second book on Wagner to follow my 1992 book “Wagner – Race and Revolution” which dealt with the antisemitic messages and codes in Wagner’s writings and opera. The new book, “Wagner-Antisemitism in Music” – approaches the more difficult problem of how Wagner expresses musically his antisemitism in the operas; it uses many new examples of antisemitic parody and transformation of Jewish musical themes. I’ll be speaking on this at several Wagner Bicentenary conference sin 2013. I gave an illustrated talk on it at the Pears Institute for Research on Antisemitism at London University in May 2013. I’m also preparing a documentary film on Wagner’s antisemitism, and have participated in Hilan Warshaw’s new film on “Wagner’s Jews”.

I’m finishing a book on “Muhammad and the Jews”. My program for this has already appeared in the Islamic studies journal “Der Islam” which outlines and applies a new method of approaching the 7th and 8th century sources which embody difficult critical problems of analysis.

My big book on “Antisemitisms: Emotional, Cultural and National Histories of Antisemitism”” is going through its final revision.

Articles on “Renan vs Gobineau” Old Races and New Antisemitisms in 19th Century France” is in the next issue of “History of European Ideas”, and a new article on “Augustine’s ‘Hermeneutical Jews’ and Real Jews: The Larger Context of the History of Antisemitism” will appear next year.”



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