We’re making progress! Read about it in the June issue of The Brandeis Brief


The Brandeis Brief

June 2012

Issue #4

The Louis D. Brandeis Center has had another big month. Beyond the good news discussed in our lead article (below), the Center has rolled out important research on religious freedom, published a new column on “Second-Stage anti-Semitism,” and commented on important new community statements on Title VI and campus anti-Semitism. In short, the month of May has been marked by significant progress for both the Brandeis Center and the campaign to combat campus anti-Semitism.


The Louis D. Brandeis Center Hits Major Milestone

Louis D. Brandeis

The Louis D. Brandeis Center received important news this week. At long last, the Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Brandeis Center is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to LDB are now tax-deductible under section 170 of the Code. We gratefully thank all of our supporters who have already made crucial early contributions in advance of this determination. We also thank Doc Emet Productions, the Hudson Institute and Middle East Forum for serving as our fiscal sponsors during our formative period. From this point forward, we welcome tax-exempt contributions from everyone who shares our commitment to combating anti-Semitism on college and university campuses.

Second-Stage Anti-Semitism

Jewish Americans should be concerned about the recent verdict in the Italian libel case that involves distinguished parliamentarian Fiamma Nirenstein. In 2008, cartoonist Vauro Senesi published a caricature of Nirenstein that depicted the Jewish-Italian politician, in classic anti-Semitic fashion, as a hook-nosed monster wearing a Star of David together with fascist symbols. When journalist Giuseppe Caldarola accused Senesi of anti-Semitism, Senesi sued. The disturbing outcome of this lawsuit illustrates a phenomenon that we call “second-stage anti-Semitism.” Our exploration of this phenomenon can be found in this new column syndicated by Joint Media News Service.

Jewish Community Backs Title VI

JCPA logo


The organized Jewish community in the US has just cast a big vote of confidence for LDB‘s kind of civil rights lawsuits to protect Jewish students. The Louis D. Brandeis Center has been working extensively to educate the Jewish and higher education communities about the problem of campus anti-Semitism and the availability of various remedies, including a legal approach under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This work payed off this month, when a major umbrella organization within the Jewish community endorsed this position. Just a couple of weeks beforehand, another Jewish umbrella group had urged Jewish leaders to cooperate with the Brandeis Center on potential Title VI cases to combat campus anti-Semitism. Most importantly, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs urges Congress to pass legislation prohibiting religious harassment in federally funded schools — just as we have urged, repeatedly, in our research since 2006. Kudos to JCPA, ZOA and others for joining us in this effort. We explain this turn of events in a recent op edin The Jerusalem Post.

LDB Challenges Traditional Ideas About Religious Freedom

IDI logo

The Brandeis Center is releasing new research which shows that some traditional forms of religious freedom do not protect all Americans equally — and should be expanded in a way that provides greater protection for Jews and all other groups. This research was presented in Jerusalem on May 16 at the Israel Democracy Institute’s (IDI) International Conference on the Role of Religion in Human Rights Discourse and will be published through IDI.

Important New Review of Jewish Identity and

Civil Rights in America

Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America

In the current issue of AJS Review, the journal of the Association of Jewish Studies, Professor Paul Burstein provides a thoughtful and provocative review of Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America. “Kenneth Marcus has given us a book that is thoughtful and impassioned, creative and careful, erudite and provocative,” Burstein writes. “Everyone concerned about vicious anti-Zionism and antisemitism on campus should read it.” Burstein has both agreements and disagreements with Jewish Identity, but his overall assessment is most welcome, and his review is well-argued and interesting. Our editor at Cambridge University Press was especially pleased with Burstein’s recommendation that everyone read this book!


Next month, look for us in Haifa, Israel. We will be speaking on “Anti-Israelism in Higher Education” at the Association of Israel Studies’ annual meeting on Monday, June 25. Ed Beck, Richard Cravatts, Richard Landes and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin will join us in what promises to be an interesting event. More information can be found here.

As always, we are interested in hearing from college students and faculty who need our help fighting anti-Semitic harassment and hostile environments for Jewish students on campus. We also welcome inquiries from university administrators who seek technical assistance on civil rights compliance or best practices for achieving a university environment in which all faculty and students can excel in the pursuit of knowledge.


Kenneth L. Marcus
Kenneth L. Marcus

President & General Counsel
The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law

Support LDB

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The Louis D. Brandeis Center is a nonprofit organization supported by individuals, groups and foundations that share our concern about Jewish college students. Contributions are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. To support our efforts to combat campus anti-Semitism, please contact us at info@brandeiscenter.com.

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Kenneth Marcus

Can We Help You to Fight Campus Anti-Semitism?

The Louis D. Brandeis Center stands ready if we can help you to combat anti-Semitism in higher education. Please contact us if you are a student or professor who needs our help. We are also available to provide technical assistance to university administrators who are interested in achieving legal compliance and best practices for eliminating campus anti-Semitism.


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