Yale Decision and Controversy

The Algemeiner: Scholarship, Advocacy, and Antisemitism at Yale

NY Post: Yale’s Anti-Semitism Whitewash

Jerusalem Post: Harvard professor assails ‘kill-the-Jews flotilla’

New Republic: Why Did Yale Close, Then Open, a Center for Studying Anti-Semitism?

Slate Magazine: Left Behind

Commentary Magazine: A Challenge to Yale University on Anti-Semitism 

Slate Magazine: Yale’s New Jewish Quota

Jewish Daily Forward: Anti-Semitism and the American College Campus 
by Robert Wistrich

CNN: Yale’s flip-flop on anti-Semitism center by Amitai Etzioni 

Jerusalem Post: No limits at Yale

Yale Daily News: New antisemitism program to have scholarly focus 

Jerusalem Post: Yale University launches new program on anti-Semitism

Huffington Post: Yale’s Distressing Decision to Shut Down Its “Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism” by Alan Dershowitz

Frum Forum: Yale’s Anti-Semitism U-Turn

JTA: Yale to launch new anti-Semitism program

ADL lauds new Yale program for the study of anti-Semitism

More on Yale (an e-mail from Professor Abraham R. Wagner)

Jewish Daily Forward: How To Study Anti-Semitism 

Chronicle of Higher Education Looming Closure of Anti-Semitism Center Sparks Discord at Yale U.

Washington Post: Saving the Yale anti-Semitism institute

The Cutting Edge: A Great Loss to our Understanding of Anti-Semitism

ADL Disappointed At Decision To Shut Down Yale Interdisciplinary Center On Anti-Semitism

AJC Urges Yale to Reconsider Decision to Terminate YIISA

Yale Daily News: Anti-Semitism initiative to end

Jerusalem Post: Yale, Jews and double-standards

972Mag.com: Closing of Yale institute for antisemitism reflects continued polarization

Professor Neil Kressel Letter to the Editor of the NY Post

NY Post: Yale’s latest gift to anti-semitism



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