An E-Mail from Israel from Tikkun Olam Award Recipient #10

Eva Meinberg Aviad

Eva Meinberg Aviad

July 13, 2014

Harriet –

I was shocked when I heard of the awful mass shooting in Houston, Texas on Wednesday. As details began to emerge, I grew even more horrified: a man seeking revenge on his ex-wife forced his way into the home of her sister in Houston and shot the entire family, including her husband and children, aged 4 to 15. Only the 15-year-old survived.

We were so busy with our own situation since last week, plus our home was burglarized, didn’t hear about this terrible story in Houston.

How the Gun Lobby can still carry so much weight in the States is beyond my comprehension.

Here , three of our boys were killed by terrorists and one young Arab boy was killed by our terrorists, and we are in war mode because of their actions!!!

In the States, people get shot all the time, not by terrorists per se, but by totally unhinged people with guns.

I don’t understand….They are terrorists too!

Gun control seems still to be out of control in the USA!  So sad,


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