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Harriet —
California has once again been rocked by mass murder, and there are no words that can match the tragedy we saw in the UC Santa Barbara-adjacent community of Isla Vista. No words, except perhaps this simple phrase: “Not one more.”

Those are the heartbreaking words of Richard Martinez, a grief-stricken father who lost his 20-year-old son – UCSB student Christopher Michaels-Martinez – in the violent rampage that ended the lives of seven young people and wounded 13 others. Like Christopher’s dad, we don’t want to see one more parent lose their child. We don’t want to see one more son or daughter meet a senseless and violent death.

While in this instance the killer used multiple weapons, his plan fits a familiar pattern. Last month, students in Texas and Minnesota were caught planning mass shootings at their respective schools. This month, a ninth-grader in San Diego brought a loaded gun to school and was caught threatening students.

We’re not willing to throw our hands up and accept an America where the gun reigns supreme. We’re standing with victims of gun violence. We’re banding together and raising this issue in a way that lawmakers, community leaders and corporate officials cannot ignore.

The words of Richard Martinez distill our fervent belief that it’s not enough to hope and pray – we must also act. Please join us in saying “Not one more,” and read below for four things you can do today.


Catherine Stefani California Chapter Leader Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America

Take Action

1)     Richard Martinez asked all who support him to send a postcard to their elected officials demanding common sense gun laws. We’ve made it easy to do so. Click here to send a virtual postcard to elected officials:http://act.everytown.org/sign/NotOneMore/

2)     If you are interested in helping your local Moms, we are working on recruiting gun sense voters!  If you are interested in helping let us know!! Let’s vote for lawmakers who will put public safety ahead of the gun lobby’s interests!

3)     HOST A HOUSE PARTY! Moms across the nation are hosting house parties this summer.  This will be a great opportunity to build our community and introduce friends and neighbors to our movement. Sign up here

4)     Share this information with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. If you are on Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #NotOneMore.



Harriet And Bill –

In the wake of last weekend’s senseless tragedy in Isla Vista, California, bipartisan support is growing for Congress to revisit legislation that would keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and the mentally ill.

Since the shooting, U.S. Senators and House Members from both parties have said they believed this was an opportunity to find common ground on this important issue.

And later today, the House will vote on an amendment, supported by Republicans and Democrats, to strengthen background checks by ensuring states have the resources they need to submit additional records to the FBI for inclusion in the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System.

Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters are making their voices heard, as well. Over 50,000 individuals have echoed Gabby and Mark’s call for Congress to take immediate action.

Add your name to theirs today:


Richard Martinez, the father of one of the Isla Vista victims called on all Americans to send a message to Congress about the need to act.

Make sure you do.

Peter Ambler
Americans for Responsible Solutions


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