Herzog – Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma in Action

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From: Herzog – Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma <traumaweb@gmail.com>
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Subject: The Trauma Center in Action

The Trauma Center* in Action

Herzog Hospital

Herzog Hospital

The current situation in Israel has made the role of our center abundantly clear. Operation Protective Edge had only just begun when we were asked to provide 1000 “Resilience Workbooks” for young children in the South. We are now printing 1500 additional copies of our workbook in Arabic, and have also provided the English workbook to groups in Jerusalem.

Our trauma hotline, which began running on the third day of the operation, is being advertised by all major Israeli television and radio stations. We have received calls from soldiers, elderly individuals who find it difficult to leave their homes, and from parents who are worried about their children. We have also been receiving phone calls from people who were exposed to prior war-related trauma and are now seeking help for new anxiety and post-traumatic symptoms.

Let us hope and pray that this situation will be over soon, but we know that the real work will start after the dust settles. When this ends we plan to intensify our work with young children and their parents, particularly through our NAMAL program, which has been running in Sderot for the last nine years. We also hope to work with the reservists and soldierswho are part of the current operation, and plan to intensify our services for the Ethiopian community.

We are grateful to all those who are helping us in these trying times, and there are currently several projects that are in urgent need of funding:

  1.  Mother-Child Groups (NAMAL) (cost of a full group: $7500)

2. METIV Treatment Fund (cost of full treatment: $1600 <20 sessions>)

3. Groups for children to strengthen their Emotion Regulation (BEAR) (cost of a group of 8 sessions: $4800)

Thank you for your continued support.

Prof. Danny Brom


* The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma (ICTP) has been active since 1989 as a project of the Herzog Hospital Latner Institute to contend with the growing phenomenon of psychotrauma in Israel, where an estimated 9% of Israelis suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), three times the level of that in the US and other western countries. ICTP is today a world-recognized innovator in the research and treatment of the widespread effects of trauma.

HERZOG HOSPITAL is Tikkun Olam Award recipeient #48


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