Part Two Reader Favorites

5 More Reader Favorites

1.     Dr. Neil Kressel – Director, Honors Program in the Social Sciences, William Patterson University Tikkun Olam Award Recipient # 21
Paper: “Muslim Demonization of Jews as ‘Pigs and Apes
“The Sons of Pigs and Apes” (Potomac Books 2012) – To read Jerusalem Post review, click HERE

2.    Mohr/Midas Photo Gallery

3.    News Articles on the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project Begun in March 2010, to date had had almost 50,000 views to the blog. Readers come from 134 countries  

4.    In memory of the victims of the Holocaust: Where is the Village? (Vi iz dus geseleh?) [Yiddish Video]

5.    Biographical Sketches of Haiti Child Survivors

  • Eva Meinberg Aviad
  • Ruth Hamburger Hirsch
  • Bill Mohr
  • Lia Sanger Rosen
  • Edgar Rosenberg
  • Harry Rosenberg
  • Lillian Rudolfer Scharlin
  • Anita Meinberg Zwick



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