16th Tikkun Olam Award to Dina Porat


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Professor Dina Porat, head of the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry served as head of the Chaim Rosenberg School for Jewish Studies (2004-2008), as head of the Department of Jewish History  (2000-2003), is head of The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Racism (1992-2010) and is incumbent of the Alfred P. Slaner Chair for the Study of Racism and anti-Semitism, in Tel Aviv University.

She is also a member of the Yad-Vashem Scientific Advisory Board and the Board of International Center for Holocaust Studies.

Awarded TAU’s Faculty of Humanities best teacher for 2004.

Prof. Porat was a Fellow-Member of the Institute for Advanced Studies in The Hebrew University (1985), The Center for Israel and Jewish Studies in Columbia University (1987/8), the Yad-Vashem Researchers Seminar (1995/6), a Visiting Professor at Harvard University (Fall 1999), a Visiting Scholar at NYU (winter 2004) and at the Memorial de la Shoah, Paris (October 2007). Taught in Venice International University, Fall of 2008.

Major Publications:

Author of The Blue and the Yellow Stars of David, The Zionist Leadership in Palestine and The Holocaust, 1939-1945, Harvard University Press, 1990; a 1991 finalist for the National Jewish Book Award. The Hebrew original version (Am Oved, 1986) won the Yad Ben-Zvi Award (1988) and the Kubowitzki Award (1990). Translated into Spanish: Con las manos atadas, El liderazgo zionista y el Holocausto 1939-1945, Yad Vashem, TAU and E.D.Z Nativ Ediciones, 2008. 

Editor of the original (Tel Aviv, 1988) Hebrew version of Avraham Tory’s Surviving the Holocaust, The Kovno Ghetto Diary  (Harvard University Press, 1990), edited and with an introduction by Martin Gilbert, historical and textual notes by Dina Porat.

Editor, with Dr. Roni Stauber, of Anti-Semitism Worldwide, since 1994, a Tel Aviv University annual.

Author of Beyond the Corporeal, Abba Kovner’s Life Story, Am Oved and Yad-Vashem, 2000, Hebrew, which received the Zandman Award and the Buchman Award.

An English version was published by Stanford UP in the fall of 2009, titled The Fall of a Sparrow, The Life and Times of Abba Kovner, and won the National Jewish Book Award for 2009 in the category of biographies’ autobiographies and memoirs.

Author of Israeli Society, the Holocaust and its Survivors, a collection of research essays, Vallentine Mitchell, 2008, and of a Hebrew version, The Smoke-Scented Coffee, The encounter of the Yishuv and Israeli Society with the Holocaust and its Survivors., Am oved and Yad Vashem, 2011.

Editor of When Disaster comes from afar, leading Personalities in the Land of Israel Confront Nazism and the Holocaust, 1933-1948, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem, 2009 (Hebrew).

Author of over 70 articles on various aspects of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, editor of a number of publications including “The Jewish Press in Eretz Israel and the Holocaust, 1939-1945” (with Dr. Mordechai Naor, 2002, essays) and “Between the Star of David and the Yellow Star-The Jewish Community in Palestine and the Holocaust 1939-1945” (with Prof. Yehiam Weitz, 2002, documents).

Tutored 15 PhD and post-Doc dissertations and 28 M.A. theses.

Born in Argentina, Prof. Porat made Aliya at a very early age, served in the military in The Nahal, and is married and has three sons.

Languages: Yiddish, Spanish, Hebrew, English, French and German.

Member of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Delegations to four U.N. World Conferences.

Academic advisor of the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, numbering 27 countries, 2005-2010, replacing Yehuda Bauer.

Will serve as chief historian of Yad Vashem as of October 1st, 2011.


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