17th Tikkun Olam Award to Nina Simone Grotch


Nina Simone Grotch directs the educational programs of the Anti-Defamation League’s Central Pacific Region. She has over 20 years experience facilitating interactive workshops for children, youth, and parents and teachers. As the Associate Director, Ms. Grotch is responsible for Holocaust education and facilitating anti-bias workshops for schools and community groups about issues of prejudice and discrimination. Prior to joining ADL, Ms. Grotch worked on employing homeless adults and youth and also taught at the elementary level. She has presented at numerous conferences for educators, youth, police officers, and parents on combating hate and creating safe school environments. Ms. Grotch has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature.


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A personal note from Nina:

Dear Harriet,

It was so nice speaking with you again. It is really an honor to receive this award. I so appreciate all of your work on this informative blog and everything that you do for the community I’m really delighted to be part of it.

I’m attaching a brief bio and photo. Here is a brief description of the work that I do at ADL.

As the Education Director for the Central Pacific Regional office of the ADL, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of parents, teachers and administrators over the years. Most significantly, I have worked with thousands of middle and high school students on exploring issues of identity and prejudice and discrimination. Much of the work that we do at ADL is responding to complaints of anti-Semitism and other form s of prejudice and discrimination in our schools. Working collaboratively with parents, students as well as teachers and administrators, we work to make sure that all students are provided a learning environment where they can succeed and flourish. We work with schools to address issues of anti-Semitism, racism and bullying and name-calling. More recently, ADL has tackled the issue of cyberbullying and teaching young people and their parents and teachers about online harassment and bullying. I am very lucky that my professional life has been touched by students, parents, educators and community members who are all working on fighting prejudice and hate in their communities.


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