43rd Tikkun Olam Award to Jonny Daniels

Jonny Daniels, "From the Depths," Founder and Executive Director

Jonny Daniels, “From the Depths,” Founder and Executive Director

Jonny has been in the business of public relations and strategic advising for a wide variety of clients for the last 5 years. His views and comments are sought on for the world’s media on a wide range of subjects and he regularly appears on TV and radio.

Over the last 5 years, he has become increasingly involved with many of the major stories in the media. He now regularly breaks stories and stops stories in between orchestrating PR campaigns for a multitude of clients from all over the world and is also patron of numerous charities and helps fundraise and supports many others.

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Jonathan Daniels was born in January 1986 at Wembley Hospital, London, England. He is the oldest of 3 children by his father Marc, a Business Broker and his mother, a party organizer. He was raised in Edgware, London, England. When Jonny left Hasmonean secondary school at the age of 18, he packed his bags and went for a ‘Gap Year’ in Israel.

During his ‘Gap Year’, Jonny studied part time at a ‘Yeshiva’ and volunteered with ‘Zichron Menachem’ an organization helping children of all faiths suffering with Cancer in Israeli Hospitals. Over the year, Jonny fell in love with Israel and decided to make Israel his home, leaving a place at Univeristy College of London to join the Israeli Army.

Jonny was a accepted into the elite Paratroopers and finished the army as a Staff Sargent and is now a strategic advisor to the IDF spokesperson unit, specializing on new media and was head hunted for this role.

Upon leaving the army Jonny married Natalie a Tel-Aviv native, and went to study Political Science in Bar Ilan University, at the end of his first year his daughter Michal was born.

He then went onto work with the Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Government, Danny Danon, were he became his Senior Advisor and was responsible for successfully building his ‘brand’ outside of Israel.

He then went on to work with numerous politicians from Israel, Britain, Sweden and the United States, as well as different companies and organisations looking to enter the Israeli market and Israeli businesses looking to export throughout the world.

Jonny has always been an avid sportsman. He played football in his youth, representing Maccabi England on a few occasions in international competitions and is to date a die-hard Spurs fan.



Dear Jonny,

We are very grateful you noted your Tikkun Olam Award on your Facebook page, because within 24 hours, there were 283 views of your Award page on our blog.

Please keep us in the loop on your critically important work; we are interested in posting any future plans and efforts.

Best wishes for continued success,

 Harriet and Bill

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