4th Tikkun Olam Award (Rebecca Anna Stoil)

Rebecca Anna Stoil

I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, and made aliya in 2002. I volunteered for military service, where I served as the only female combat medic in my Armored Corps unit, where I received the OC Central Command’s citation for service. After my release from the IDF, I began working at the Jerusalem Post, first as an update editor on the jpost.com website, and later as the internal security correspondent, before assuming my current position as the paper’s parliamentary correspondent. In addition, I am currently completing an MA in History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and am a mother to one very energetic toddler.

Education 2005 –  present          Hebrew University of Jerusalem     Jerusalem, IsraelM.A. 2010, History (expected – current average: 92)1998 –  2002             University of Chicago                  Chicago, ILA.B. 2002, History (honors)

A.B. 2002, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (honors)

  • Graduated with general honors as well as honors in both majors.
  • 1998 – 1999, 2000 – 2001, Dean’s List.
Academic Awards, Grants and Fellowships
  • Dorot Foundation Research Travel Grant (2001)
  • Daniel I. Leifer Fellowship for Social Justice (2000)
  • Nominated for prize for best BA thesis in international history (2002).
Work experience 2006 – present          The Jerusalem Post               Jerusalem, IsraelParliamentary Reporter (2008 – present)

  • Intensive output of up to 8 articles per day with in-depth political understanding.
  • Close relationships with high-profile political sources.
  • Frequent publication of magazine features and analyses.
  • Briefing of journalists, researchers and groups.

Internal Security Reporter (2006 – 2008)

  • Coverage of breaking security news with extremely tight deadlines.
  • Establishing working relationships with sensitive security sources.
  • High-risk fieldwork in military conditions.

2005 – 2006              The Jerusalem Post               Jerusalem, Israel

Internet Editor

  • Responsible for content, appearance of leading news Website.
  • Research and writing of breaking news for internet and print editions.
  • Training of new employees.
  • Simultaneous translation of Israeli sources.
Military Service 2002 – 2005          “Eshet” Battallion, 401st Arm. Brig.                            IDF                     Combat Medic; Infirmary Commander 

  • Deputy commander of medical platoon in Armored Corps battalion.
  • Certified combat medic.
  • Responsible for operational and logistic readiness of medical services.
  • Commanded medical support teams in major Gaza operations.
  • Received Central Command award for excellence in service (2004).



Some special words to Rebecca Anna Stoil. Your professional and personal lives speak loudly of your dedication to the well-being of the people of Israel. The Jerusalem Post and your position as an outstanding journalist is a much appreciated gift to Jews around  the world.

Dear Harriet and Bill, 

Thank you so much for granting me the 4th Tikkun Olam Award. I am very happy that my article has been so helpful to you in preserving Bill’s family’s story and the fascinating chapter of Jewish history that transpired in Haiti 70 years ago. 

I wish you both the best of fortune in continuing to preserve the legacy of the special relationship between the Jewish people and Haiti, and hope that you keep sending your updates frequently with more good news! 

Thank you again very much for choosing to honor me with the award, and it has been an absolute pleasure to be in correspondence with you throughout the past year. 

CLICK HERE for Rebecca/s Jerusalem Post article.


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