53rd Tikkun Olam Award to Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff


Miriam Klein Kassenoff fled Nazi Europe, Kosice, Slovakia as a small child in 1941, on the run and in hiding for 7 months throughout Eastern Europe via Lisbon, Portugal to safety in America along with her parents and infant brother, the late Honorable Judge Ted Klein. Dr. Klein Kassenoff has studied at Yad Vashem, the International Center for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. She is the Education Chairperson at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach Florida ; the Director of the Summer Teacher Institute on Holocaust Studies through the University of Miami’s School of Education and is presently an instructor with The Melton School of Judaic Studies teaching “Reflections on the Holocaust Through Diaries and Memoirs.”

As the Education Specialist for Holocaust Studies for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, she is responsible for all staff development/teacher training on teaching the Holocaust for Miami Dade County Public Schools. Dr. Klein Kassenoff is an appointee to the Florida Education Commissioner’s Task Force on Holocaust Education.

Tikkun Olam Award 53

Miriam is a frequent speaker and presenter on Holocaust Education at conferences and workshops nationwide. She recently was chosen as one of the Outstanding Pioneer Women in Miami-Dade County for her work in Holocaust education and was given The Professional Educator of the Year Award. She has just completed working on the film “The Last Witness of Treblinka” in cooperation with Dr Michael Berenbaum, eminent Holocaust Scholar and with PBS/WLRN Miami as an Education Consultant for the film. To read Miriam’s outstanding Study Guide for the film, “The Last Witness of Treblinka” click Treblinka_StudyGuide.

In 2013, Miriam was chosen as one of 20 North American Educators to attend a special seminar at the new Jewish Museum in Warsaw, Poland. In March 2011, she was honored by the Miami Dade Women’s History Coalition as a 2011 Woman of Impact Award. In May 2010, Miriam was awarded the Florida Holocaust Museum Holocaust Educator of the Year in Tampa, Florida.

Miriam just returned in 2014 from a special appointment by the Miami Consul General of Germany on a tour of “Jewish Germany Today.” Miriam’s credits include being an author, writer and lecturer on various topics on the Holocaust including “Women in The Holocaust” and “Literature of The Holocaust” as well as co-authoring with Dr Anita Meyer Meinbach the books: “Studying the Holocaust Through Film and Literature“ and “Memories of The Night : A Study of The Holocaust.”


Miami Herald Highlights our T.O. Award #53


FEBRUARY 17, 2016

….“Haiti Jewish Refugee Project honors Holocaust survivor”

“Miriam Klein Kassenoff was awarded a Tikkun Olam Award for her work educating teachers about the Holocaust.” Photo provided to the Miami Herald

By Christina Mayo

Miriam Klein Kassenoff has made her life’s work teaching about the Holocaust. She learned her own first lessons as a child survivor who fled Nazi Europe with her parents.

Since then she has trained thousands of teachers as an educational specialist of Holocaust Studies for the University of Miami’s School of Education and Human Development and Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

For her passionate work, Klein Kassenoff recently received an important Tikkun Olam Award from the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project.

“I am humbled by every award that I have received,” Klein Kassenoff said in a release. “But this one took me by surprise. It shows that if you do the work you love rewards will come to you.”

The award is named for a Jewish principle that translates to “repairing the world.” The honor is given to individuals who have made a considerable contribution to do just that.

It is granted by Bill and Harriet Mohr, who are founders and publishers of the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project, which was established after the 2010 earthquake to gather information about Haiti’s Holocaust history.

Bill Mohr and his family were among 300 Jews who were given refuge by Haiti during the Holocaust.

“We wanted to recognize the outstanding contributions of a wide range of individuals who are working to raise awareness of important issues that need to be addressed in the context of Tikkun Olam,” Bill and Harriet Mohr said in a statement. “They have moved forward to ‘repair the world’ and from their perspective, take action in ways that have beneficial results for society and can positively impact the general welfare of humanity.”


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