7th Tikkun Olam Award (Eleanor Miller)

We are pleased to recognize Eleanor Miller for our 7th Tikkun Olam award.


I am currently a Master’s candidate at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism.  From June-August 2010, I reported for the Haitian Times from Port-au-Prince.  I lived in Delmas and traveled all over the city, from its richest areas around Pétionville, to some of its poorest in Cité Soleil.  I also visited several cities around the country, from Cap Haitien to Pétit Goâve, and was both impressed by how beautiful the country is and how welcoming the people are.  I have never seen such breathtaking natural beauty, but I have also never seen such a stark contrast between rich and poor.  In Port-au-Prince, the devastating effects of the earthquake were still quite obvious several months after the disaster.  The only real change I saw since visiting immediately after the earthquake in January was the thousands upon thousands of tents that had sprung up to house the homeless.  I am hopeful that reconstruction efforts will begin in earnest soon, but so far it appears that work is moving very slowly.


Back in New York City, I am currently an intern with the New York Times Syndicate.  In January 2011 I will be moving to Paris to study at Université Paris IV-Sorbonne’s CELSA school, and freelance.  My journalistic interests include arts and cultural exchange, religion, urban environments, and international affairs.



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Special words to Eleanor: There are many things to be grateful to you and the Haitian Times in Brooklyn, New York for including: outstanding thorough research for the article (Aug. 18, 2010), an opportunity for a long detailed telephone interview from California with you in Port-au-Prince and connecting us to Joseph Bernard Jr.

We received the following note after postng this award:
Dear Bill-Dear Harriet:

We are so impressed with each recipient’s appreciation of their Tikkun Olam Award.It is truly a credit to both of you to recognize such special people who have contributed so much in bringing the plight of the Haitian people to the entire world.

We just wish that the billions of Dollars that people contributed to help the Haitian people would have brought more favorable results instead of so many still living in tents,starving and dying of various diseases.Thanks for all you are doing. We wish there were more caring people like you. Our admiration and love to both of you from both of us.


 Frank (Harris) and Beri.



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