8th Tikkun Olam Award (Liz Kineke)

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to recognize Liz Kineke for our 8th Tikkun Olam award.
“Wow!  This has caught me by surprise.  I am deeply honored and humbled.  I have been working as a producer for the CBS religion unit in New York since 2005.  Our programs are meant to inspire and educate as we tend to focus not only what a particular religion believes, but how they positively impact their community.   Our shows air quarterly on CBS affiliates across the United States.  Recent program titles include, “Faith in Action: Young People Making a Difference”  “The Ministry of Animals” and “The Art of ‘The Book’ ”   Needless to say, we are never at a loss for interesting show topics!   
It was while researching the most recent show, “Haiti: Religion’s Response to Disaster” that I learned about Haiti’s role in offering refuge to Jews from Central Europe during World War II.   Not only was I surprised but everyone who has seen the program thus far has had a similar reaction.

I was an English Literature major at Denison University and after graduating in 1988 went to Washington, DC where I worked with foreign news journalists covering news events in the US and abroad.  In 1993 I made my way to New York City where I worked on biographies, corporate industrials and in the last five years documentaries about religion and spirituality.  I love animals, have an active yoga practice and enjoy hiking for fun!

Thank you for the recognition, I don’t feel worthy of the award but appreciate your interest in the work we are doing.”

(Click on image to enlarge)

Special words to Liz: Your show promises to be a vivid reminder of what people of faith, in all religions, can accomplish when acting as a force for the good. We believe, because of your vision, compassionate understanding and creativity, more hands and hearts will open and respond to the needs of Haiti.
For further details on the show CLICK HERE.

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