A Personal Take on the Miners Rescue from Inside Chile By Juan Carlos Emden

Hi Juan Carlos, 

We are getting our next post ready to send out and are wondering if you would like to share an insider’s view, from Chile, of your country’s extraordinary accomplishments rescuing the miners. Like millions of people around the world, we were glued to our TV and fell in love with the people of Chile. 

Any length of comment will be fine.

Best wishes, 

Harriet & Bill

Yes Harriet and Bill,

This little country next to the Andes and to the cold Pacific Ocean (Over 4.700 kms long)  has gone through a great process of maturity with this very focused and technologically based  rescue mission.

The Piniera administration is surrounded by very bright non politicians and several with strong Jewish links – interesting “melting pot” for brewing good team work in a great cause.

Yes , its a rebirth of a human team who was close to have their rock coffin on top of them in a very brief span of time and the catastrophe would have been horrible…as the Russian submarines , the Iranian , the Cuban , the Pakistani and Afghan horrors we read every day.

Politicians in this country have only dug in the past around the interests of their ego and never into depth for national causes in such a speed and efficiency as this mission !!

We are certainly very proud because the President and his Mining Minister , Lawrence Golborne were not looking into votes, but just lives of miners who have been treated in the past worse than stones or rocks – this story was impossible to write it ahead of a book or a film and it became now a sort of a new “treaty” for future behavior in mining and other field security matters all over.

These miners are now safe in the hands of their loved ones and will probably never need to go to mine again in their lives; they are proud but “marked” people for other missions on earth….certainly in better shape economically from now onwards…they were “human dirt ” before and I personally think there are many lessons to be taken from here from “brute” capitalism into more of a sweet one…a non pollutant one , not only of our waters, rivers, snow, but of our souls too….more into the heart of the human being itself!!

What else can I say to you two???…miles of words…..human kind should have a little step further in humanitarian missions after this episode of cohesion, discipline and love “made in Chile”!!

Juan Carlos Emden in Valparaiso Chile

For Juan Carlos’ back-story CLICK HERE


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