First Tikkun Olam Award Winner Visits Israel and Announces Bid for New York State Assembly

The Cradle of Life: My visit to Israel

In 2011 if I had the distinguished privilege of travel to Israel. It was an honor to see the beauty and diversity of the people, the land and the climate. Not only did I feel a special connection to this land from a religious perspective, but I now have a greater understanding of some of the major issues facing this country.

While there, I had the opportunity to visit Sderot (near the border of Gaza) and the immigration centers which allowed me to see firsthand some of the struggles of the residents.

In addition, I visited the holocaust museum Yad VAshem, which was a stirring and eye-opening experience that gave me a clearer picture of the events that impacted the Jewish people. I was able to see the commitment the people have to this land and how they wish for a better future for their children.

I look forward to studying this issue further and journeying back to Israel at some point in the near future.



BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Today, Rodneyse Bichotte, State Committee Woman/District Leader of the 42nd Assembly District announced her candidacy for the office of New York State Assembly, 42nd District – which includes the Flatbush, East Flatbush and Midwood sections of Brooklyn. Two years ago Bichotte burst on to the Brooklyn political scene with an unexpected victory in a highly contested district leader race. Commenting on this election, Crain New York business called Bichotte “a face to watch in Brooklyn politics.” “Over the past six months I’ve received overwhelming encouragement from city and state elected officials, community leaders and most importantly the residents of our district. After some counsel and much prayer, I have decided to move forward with a run for State Assembly,” said Bichotte. “More can and should be done to ensure the 42nd Assembly District’s voice is reflected loud and clear in the halls of our state capitol. I am convinced that being in the State Assembly will allow me to more effectively address the issues facing our community.”

As Assemblywoman for the 42nd Assembly District, Bichotte will continue to focus on her platform of advancing Job Creation, Education, Healthcare and Housing. “The State of New York is a microcosm of the nation, “ said Bichotte. “The issues of concern are shared statewide, city wide and community wide. It’s all about building New York State at a grassroots level.”

In January 2012, District Leader Bichotte was nominated and selected as an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention for New York’s 11 Congressional District [See press release below]. Bichotte is hoping her new role in the State Assembly will provide an avenue for supporting President Obama’s efforts in New York State. In 2004 She served on then candidate Obama’s senatorial campaign.

In her current post as District Leader, residents have described Bichotte as being engaging, results oriented and someone who takes initiative. “I didn’t know about District Leaders before Rodneyse. She is everywhere, and she listens to you. I think she’ll work hard for us as the Assemblywoman,” said one resident.

Bichotte’s experience includes working in public school education, electrical engineering and finance. She has been a dedicated public servant for over 20 years, continuously working on a number of initiatives such as affordable housing, quality education, healthcare, financial literacy, and quality of life for our seniors with other local elected officials, community leaders and educators.

Bichotte was born and raised in East Flatbush and educated in public schools. She earned an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, a BS in Mathematics Secondary Education from Buffalo State College, and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo.


(New York, New York -January 19, 2012)- The Haitian American Association for Political Action PAC (HAAPA-PAC)  is pleased to announce that Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke,U.S. Representative for New York’s 11th Congressional District, has nominated State Committeewoman/District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte, as an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention.  Rodneyse Bichotte is the first Haitian-American Female elected to a State level position in New York. 

The President’s campaign selects its New York delegates from the list provided by the county and state Democratic parties, as well as Congressional Members. Rodneyse Bichotte is listed in the (attached link) PolitickerNY article under CD11.  All other New York delegates are also listed according to their Congressional District.  

To read the full article click link below:

Rodneyse Bichotte served on President Obama’s, (then U.S. Senatorial Candidate), Campaign with the Will County Democratic Club in 2004, while living in Chicago.

Bichotte states, “I’m looking forward to supporting President Obama in North Carolina. This first term has presented many challenges for our President. He inherited a rapidly declining economy which he stabilized and is now growing again; he captured the world’s biggest terrorist and ended a major war, he extended benefits for the millions of unemployed Americans; he saved our now booming US auto industry; and he brought health care coverage to millions of Americans who did not have it. This is more than most Presidents have accomplished in two terms. The American voters will look back on these accomplishments and quickly realize he is and has been the best person for the job.  There is no doubt in my mind that 2012 will be an Obama Re-election year.”

Currently serving as State Committeewoman/District Leader, 42nd Assembly District in Brooklyn, New York, Rodneyse has always performed her duties with intelligence and integrity, with a foundation of compassion, and respect for her neighbours.  The Honorable Rodneyse Bichotte has been a dedicated public servant for over 20 years, and  has continuously worked on a number of initiatives with other local elected officials such as, Council Member Jumaane D. Williams, Senator Kevin S. Parker, Assemblyman Karim Camara, Senator Eric Adams, Senator John L. Sampson, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Assemblyman Nick Perry, and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz,  while also serving as a resource channel for the people.

For information about Rodneyse Bichotte go to


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