From Jerusalem, an Insider’s Glimpse (From Eva Aviad)

The following was written by Eva Aviad in Jerusalem:

Yes, how well we know what happened after Kristallnacht.  Dad was sent to Buchenwald and due to Consul General Fouchard, he got a visa , was released after three weeks and went straight to Haiti with mother and my grandmother!

Now I feel a real existential fear right here in Israel.  The moratorium for antisemitism seems to have been lifted, and we, in Israel are feeling the heat.  We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t…and we are being delegitimized left, right and center ,   Iran is coming closer and closer to being nuclear ( a few months away?) and nothing is really happening besides the sanctions which hurt, but which don’t convince the Iranians to change their path, and certainly not their minds!.   If we hit, we can’t destroy all of Iran. But when they retaliate, they will be able to destroy this tiny little country…..North Korea I am sure helps  Iran when needed , and Hizballah and Hamas continue to be armed to the hilt by the Iranians who say the holocaust did not exist.

Not a comfortable scenario.

And then there is poor, poor Haiti!

Wishing you a Happy Chanukah in spite of everything, but for me, it is difficult to live here as if everything is OK.  It is not.



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