Herzog Trauma Center & Sesame Workshop in Israel work together to help kids

The Israel version of Sesame Street and Herzog Hospital’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma have developed a joint interactive program to help children in Israel better deal with traumatic events. Called Rehov Sumsum in Hebrew, the local Sesame Street show HOP produced some joint trauma resilience skits that are featured on the HOP website. In addition to the short videos, parents and children can also print out self help workbooks to teach them about coping and resilience.

Here is the link. http://www.hop.co.il/opengame/ABaGaDa.asp?game=hosen. They are really great. It’s best to open the link in internet explorer or google chrome. Then click on the TV screens on the bottom. In addition, at the bottom of each opened screen, there is a brief description of how each skit can help a child deal with issues, such as fear of the dark, or problems going to sleep. Even if you don’t understand Hebrew, I think you will still enjoy seeing some of the unique Israeli Sesame Street characters.

In the first few months since its launch, there have been over 56,000 total visits. Of this total, 19,259 are unique users. There have been 103,254 views of the filmed segments on the mini-site and 4,325 print-outs of the workbook. This has become a good tool to help children, utilizing the Rehov Sumsum characters who the kids already know.  This represents a great way to reach children and their parents.

The Trauma Center is already discussing other collaborative projects with Israel’s Sesame Street to give children additional coping tools to develop their resilience. News about this great program has also been posted on Herzog Hospital’s facebook page. If you haven’t visited it yet, and listed yourself to become a friend, then please check out the facebook profile today, at   “Sarah Herzog Hospital”


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