How The Blog Project Was Started

Recently, Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the U.S., stated the following:

“Israel was the first on the ground with a fully manned and equipped medical team in earthquake stricken Haiti and we got there because our team was flown in by the U.S. military and our team actually slept in the U.S. embassy overnight for a couple of days until they could set up their own tents….”

His words reminded us of the moment when we first saw pictures on TV of Israeli medics on the ground in Haiti, soon after the earthquake. We were inspired to write the letter below to the San Francisco Israeli Consulate. Little did we know at the time, we would soon be launching our blog project. Also, we never could have guessed, two years later, the blog has attracted over 30,000 views and people in 73 countries have accessed our information.


Dear Mr. Tor, 

 After hearing about the life saving work of an extraordinary Israeli medical team in Haiti, I felt compelled to write you. 

 I was four years old, when I escaped from Germany and went to live in Haiti for a year, until immigrating to New York. I do not know what would have happened if Haiti had not opened its doors to those fleeing the Holocaust. My mother’s mother and sister had found safe haven in Portugal while my mother’s younger sister was caught and spent the war in Auschwitz. 

 For this reason, it was particularly heartwarming and memorable to witness the completing of the circle, i.e., they helped save Jewish lives and now Jews are returning the good deeds.

 Please feel free to share this note of gratitude with anyone in your network. 

 With best wishes, 

 Bill Mohr



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