Israel urged U.S. and Europe to ease rhetoric with Egypt — Israel has reportedly urged the U.S. and European countries to tone down their rhetoric against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak considering Iran’s recent comments that expressed its satisfaction with Egypt’s turmoil.

“I think the U.S. is between a rock and a hard place,” said Dr. Dore Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. “On Iran, the Obama administration did not come out forcefully for the people in the streets who sought democracy and here they came out pretty strongly against the Egyptian regime”.

“The struggle right now is not just about democracy,” Gold said.

“I think we are engaged in a great struggle for the future of the Middle East between radical Shiite Iran and the Sunni Muslim Arab countries,” he elaborated. “Egypt was the most critical element on the Sunni Arab side holding back Iranian power and now that country has been weakened. If Egypt goes the balance of power in the Middle East will fundamentally shift”.

So far, Egyptians protests focused mainly on social demands, but there are concerns that the radical Muslim Brotherhood could hijack the revolution and steer the country toward radical Islam – a scenario that happened in Iran in during its revolution in 1979.

“I think they are trying to position themselves to seize this revolution down the road, take it over and I think that is something the West will have to carefully monitor and avert,” Gold said.

Mubarak has blamed the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood for looting and spreading chaos throughout the country. The group has been known to have spawned terror many terror groups from al-Qaeda to Hamas.

According to Yaakov Amidror, former director of the Israel Defense Force’s Research and Asessment Division, Egypt’s military is the strongest in the Arab world, due to 30 years of foreign aid backing from the U.S.

“It means they have F-16. They have Abrams (tank). All their artillery is American, so no one cam question that from the technology point of view and from qualitative measures,” Amidror said. “It is the best in the Arab world”.

“If Egypt falls into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said, “that would be a nightmare and not only for Israel, but it will change the whole Middle East for the worst,” he concluded.



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