What the Muslim Brotherhood’s Victory in Egypt Means: New SWC Report




Storm Warnings:
The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Future

Read the Center’s newest report exposing the group that will lead Egypt’s next government for
what it is: an enemy of democracy and peace.

December 1, 2011 

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie (C) at a meeting earlier this year.

After a round of deadly violence, an estimated 80% of Egyptians peacefully voted in the first round of parliamentary elections. 

The results are a blow to those who hoped for a transition to a democratic civil society. Media reports indicate that early returns show the Muslim Brotherhood’s political front group — the Democratic Alliance for Egypt — appears to have won as much as 45% of the vote with another 20 – 25% gained by the Islamic Bloc, the political arm of the Salafis. Despite some differences, both the Brotherhood
and the Salifis share an Islamist ideology permeated with hatred of both the Israel and the
United States.

What are the implications of an Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood? 

Storm Warnings: The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Future, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s
newest report prepared by Dr. Harold Brackman, exposes the Muslim Brotherhood for what
it is: an enemy of democracy and peace.

This report documents the Brotherhood’s obsession with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, its
hostility towards Israel and its thinly-veiled plans to kill the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty. 
The Brotherhood’s recent protestations of being democratic are hollow given its long history
of hatred for free elections and its continuing animosity for freedom of Egypt’s women as
well as for Egypt’s embattled Coptic Christian minority. 

The stakes are astronomical – for the Egyptian people, for the Arab and Muslim world of
which Egypt is the pivot, as well as the United States and Israel. 

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