Kristallnacht Reflections by Harriet Mohr

Ode to a Jew Hater
On the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht

What we know
we cannot know
the fear burdens
Oh unbearable oppressive yoke
I am the one you hate
dear anti-Semite
I mean you no harm
you mean me all possibilities
of pain, degradation, suffering and destruction
we live in parallel worlds
separated by your hate
and will to perpetuate
heinous crimes
against me and my people
you see as your eyes claim
we are hardly more
than the dust on your shoes
that you hasten
to remove and discard
as you would any dirt.
Harriet Mohr
November 9, 2010



In the stillness
of an average night
innocent civilians
were targeted
for shock
brutal assaults
breaking them
and their lives apart
these masters of evil
took control
forced surrender
distorted identities
rights and laws
and all norms of behavior
as they tortured
increasingly terrified minds
desperate to survive
in a life forever altered
by evil and for evil’s
dark purposes


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