“Haiti’s Jewish History” Table of Contents

Dr Joseph BERNARD jr.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS_______________________ 4

PREFACE_____________________________________ 6

FOREWORD__________________________________ 9

INTRODUCTION_____________________________ 14

PART 1:THE COLONIAL PERIOD (1492 – 1804)__ 17

The persecution of the Jews of Spain and the Discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus____________________ 18

Luis de Torres, the first Jew of Hispaniola___________ 19

The Jewish Odyssey toward the New World__________ 23

History of the Naar Family_________________________ 27

The origins of the Jews of Saint-Domingue__________ 30

The first Jewish wave toward Saint-Domingue, native of Brazil 30

The Jewish wave from the other colonial Antilles___________ 30

Geographic location of the Jewish community in Saint-Domingue            33

The Jewish merchants of Saint Domingue___________ 37

In Cap-Français (Actual Cap-Haïtien):_____________________ 37

In Port-de-Paix:_________________________________________ 46

In Jérémie and surrondings:______________________________ 47

In Les Cayes and surroundings:___________________________ 53

In Jacmel:______________________________________________ 59

In Port-au-Prince:_______________________________________ 60

In Petit-Goâve:__________________________________________ 63

In Léogane:_____________________________________________ 66

The Jews and the prosperity of Saint-Domingue______ 68

Anti-Semitism in the French colonies: The Jews and the French legislation________________________________________ 70

The Count of Estaing and the Jewish community of Saint-Domingue      78

Sephardic Jews and free people of color in Saint-Domingue: destinies reunited by the French Revolution of 1789___________ 80

The Jews and the 1791 revolt: threatened destiny_____ 83

The remainders of the Jewish community in Haiti____ 85

PART II:THE JEWISH MIGRATION AFTER THE INDEPENDENCE (1804 TO DATE)_______________________________ 97

The Jews from Germany, Poland and the other Caribbean islands            98

The Jews of the Arab migration____________________ 101

Haiti, the Nazi persecution of the Jews and the Evian Conference_________________________________________________ 109

Haiti, possible haven for the persecuted Jews_______ 110

The Jews of the Shoah and the evolution of the Haitian legislation on the stay of the foreigners and the naturalization________ 111

The outcome of the Jews of the Shoah in Haiti.______ 126

Story of some Jewish refugees in Haiti______________ 147

The Mohr family_______________________________________ 147

The Rosenberg family__________________________________ 149

The Rudolfer family____________________________________ 150

The Sanger family______________________________________ 151

The Meinberg family___________________________________ 152

Kurt Georg Anton Fisher_______________________________ 154

Max Fussmann________________________________________ 156

Otto Salzmann_________________________________________ 157

The case of Arpad Plesch_______________________________ 161

Haiti and the creation of Israel_____________________ 169

Haiti’s Jewish population in the 20th century________ 174

CONCLUSION_______________________________ 177

REFERENCES________________________________ 179

Bibliography_____________________________________ 179

Webography_____________________________________ 180

Archives_________________________________________ 202

Iconography_____________________________________ 202



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