Inquiry from Church Member re Haiti

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mohr, 

Just stumbled upon your site…

Very interested, please place me on any contact list you have.

My name is Carline Ansari and I am of 100 % Haitian descent. My husband Brian and I reside in Albany, NY…we are hopefully going on a missionary trip to Haiti in February with our church Calvary Tabernacle Church….

I have not been in Haiti since 1976 when Baby Doc was in power.

I have a dream to produce a documentary about Haiti….

Please keep in touch,


Carline Ansari


Hi Carline,

What a delightful surprise to receive your e-mail and of course we will put you on our list so that you receive our blog announcements.  

If you would like to contribute to the Haiti Now section of the blog, please feel free to write about your current plans for when you arrive in Haiti and/or how your efforts to help are being expressed, once you are in the country. 

We know our readers will be interested in your inputs and we are very excited about the possibility of receiving your information. 

With our very best wishes for success with the work of your church for people in such dire need,  

Harriet and Bill



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