Our Invitation to Appear On a TV Program


Beyond focus tv
Jean Wisler Joseph
Executive producer 1
258 East 83rd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11236  

Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project:
Harriet and Bill Mohr

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Mohr,

On behalf of the Executive Producer of beyond focus tv, we would like to invite both of you of the “Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project” to be an honored guests at our television show to talk about showcasing “Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project” on our television program and more for our viewers. Our TV show is there to educate, inform with respect all the Brooklynites. Also, Beyond Focus TV is a half hour television show that allows people to discuss contemporary topics affecting the Brooklynites on both the national and local level. The show features informed guests who offer insight, debate and evaluate various issues. Beyond Focus TV, builds on the station’s mission to provide useful information to the Brooklynites. Beyond Focus TV airs every Tuesday night at 10:00pm on BCAT TV Network: Verizon CH 43- RCN CH 83- Cable Vision CH 68-Time Warner Cable CH 35.

We would be honored if you would accept our invitation.

We look forward to hearing from you or your office very soon.

We can be reached at: (917) 873-3996, Web: www.beyondfocustv.com or drop us a line at: info@beyondfocustv.com

Best Regards,

Jean Wisler Joseph
Executive Producer 

Marie Ange Daniel



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