News Articles on Project +

Florida Jewish Journal: Holocaust Educator Honored
(Click:  https:/ )

The Almanac: One More Step Toward ‘Never Again’

Jewish Tribune (Canada): Prof receives Tikkun Olam Award for Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project 

.Jerusalem Post: A Look into Haiti’s Tiny Jewish Community 


j. Weekly: Escape to Haiti: Local man recalls how nation saved Jews from Nazis


Haitian Times: Revealing a Forgotten History in Haiti


InMenlo: Harriet and Bill Mohr: Spotlighting Haiti’s role in helping Jewish refugees escape the Holocaust

CBS: CBS Special Connection to Blog  12/5/10
Produced by Liz Keneke, Tikkun Olam Award recipient #8

Intermountain Jewish News: Haiti Gave Refuge to 300 Jews Following Kristallnacht (April 2, 2010) [Not available online]


Our Project and Pictures Noted in Nuremberg-Fürth Five-Generation Newsletter


Hitler Over my Head 


Vanishing Acts


Auguste Mohr’s Gratitude for Deliverance With Gifts to the Neediest


Prof (Rosenberg) Recounts Kristallnacht Story on 70th Anniversary


Buried by The Times (Cambridge University Press, 2005)


Prague Winter by Madeline Albright Book Description


.Exhibit Highlights Haiti’s Heroism in Holocaust


Gabrielle Giffords


JTA: Meet Australia’s Aborigine who is president of her Orthodox shul






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