Auguste Mohr’s Gratitude for Deliverance With Gifts to the Neediest

December 31, 1993

Gratitude for Deliverance With Gifts to the Neediest


In late 1939, Ernest and Auguste Mohr received the most important letter of their lives.

In the envelope sent to their home in Bavaria was an affidavit of support signed by Julius Ochs Adler, a vice president and general manager of The New York Times and a friend of the Mohrs’ distant relatives in the United States.

The piece of paper literally saved the couple’s lives, helping them get a coveted visa to flee Hitler’s Germany even as Mr. Mohr was being held in a concentration camp.

“At that time, people could leave only if they had someone here to testify that they had family in the United States,” Mrs. Mohr, who lives in Kew Gardens, Queens, said recently. “Mr. Adler said that if need be, he would take care of us. Without him, we would have never gotten out.” Continuing a Tradition

Now, 54 years later, Mrs. Mohr is continuing a tradition that her late husband began several years ago, to honor Mr. Adler and to commemorate his act of kindness by contributing to The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, which is conducting its 82d annual appeal for donations.

Mrs. Mohr’s gift of $50 is one of many that have been sent this year in memory of loved ones who died in the Holocaust or as a small token of gratitude from people who escaped or survived its atrocities.


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