Harriet’s Family Legacy



Harriet’s Russian-born maternal great great aunt, the woman who awakened a profound sense of the spiritual in a child’s mind. Mima, on the Left and her husband Fetah


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Maternal Great Great Aunt Mima – Wife of Fetah- Escapee from pogroms in Russia

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Maternal Great Great Uncle Fetah – Husband of Mima
Escapee from Pogroms in Russia

Harriet has vivid encouraging and hopeful childhood memories of their faith

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Maternal Grandparents Rose and Charles – Escapees from pogroms in Russia

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Herman and Tilly – Paternal Grandparents who left Romania because of Anti-Semitism

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Maternal Great Great Grandfather in Russia


Harriet and Maternal Russian Grandmother Rosie



Harriet w Grandparents

Harriet and Russian-born maternal grandparents Rosie and Charlie

RosieMaternal Grandmother Rosie


Back Row – Harriet’s Maternal Russian Grandparents, Right and Left Side – Russian-born Cousins, Center – American-born Mother with Harriet in front


Russian-born Cousin Rifka and Harriet


Russian-born favorite cousin Rifka, daughter of Mima and Fetah, seen in group photo above.

HArriet Jean

Harriet with her mother Jean

HArriet Jean3
Harriet with her mother Jean

Harriet with her mother Jean

Sol Eileen Harriet

Father Sol, Sister Eileen and Harriet

Harriet and Father Sol

Harriet w Grandma RosieMaternal Russian Grandmother Rosie and Harriet

Harriet and 4 Sheins
Harriet, Maternal Grandparents (front),
Mother Jean and her brother Uncle Phil

Harriet’s Paternal Romanian Grandmother Tilly

Baris Family

Harriet and Sheins

Family photo – Harriet’s maternal Uncle Phil, his wife Jenny and their eldest daughter Donna with her husband Ray.

bobbie-2016Bobbie Moquin, daughter of Uncle Phil

Bobbie (seated) and Donna with Spouses

Uncle Phil’s son Bruce, twin brother of Bobbie with his spouse

 Sculpture by Harriet’s cousin college art professor Zoel Burickson. For more details and pictures of his work click HERE

Harriet, Age 22, Engagement picture, April 1962

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