30th Tikkun Olam Award to Naomi Tucker and Shalom Bayit

Naomi Tucker is the co-founder and Executive Director of Shalom Bayit, the first Jewish domestic violence agency in Northern California and one of the first of its kind in the US.

Naomi has worked in the field of domestic violence prevention for 28 years. She has served in many capacities, including staff and volunteer positions in battered women’s programs in the US and abroad, and board member for 5 years of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In 1992 Naomi left her full-time job in a battered women’s shelter to found Shalom Bayit. For the past 20 years she has served as a bridge between the Jewish community and the secular battered women’s movement through her work at Shalom Bayit both locally and nationally.

A teacher, writer, trainer, community organizer, and author of numerous articles and publications on domestic violence in the Jewish community, Naomi is a national consultant on faith-based approaches to ending violence in the home.

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Shalom Bayit is Northern California’s first and only battered women’s program targeting the Jewish community. Founded in 1992 by a group of dedicated volunteers, Shalom Bayit functioned as an all-volunteer task force for eight years.  By  the  year  2000  the  demand  for  our  community  presence  had  surpassed  what  we  could  provide as volunteers, so the group transitioned to a funded agency with paid staff. Today the grassroots agency has grown into a thriving organization central to the Bay Area Jewish community, providing services and education to over 2,000 people each year. Shalom Bayit’s mission is to foster the social change and community response necessary to eradicate domestic violence in the Jewish community. The agency’s goals are to create community-wide responses to domestic violence, to generate effective abuse prevention and intervention strategies, and to increase resources and support for battered women. 

Now in its 20th year, Shalom Bayit is known nationally for its cutting-edge models of culturally-specific domestic violence prevention and response. Many of these model programs are now used in Jewish communities throughout the country. Shalom Bayit’s unique cultural approaches to violence prevention create profound change in community and individual responses to domestic violence. 

Agency accomplishments include pioneering the integration of Jewish spiritual healing into battered women’s programs; creating the first synagogue abuse prevention protocols; building a 75-member interdenominational Rabbinic Advisory Council; co-authoring California Department of Public Health’s interfaith clergy training curriculum on domestic violence; and launching the nation’s first youth-led Jewish teen dating violence program, Love Shouldn’t Hurt. Shalom Bayit collaborates with a wide array of shelters, congregations, and social service agencies to further our mission.  For example we have provided physician trainings to Kaiser, helped the CA Department of Public Health develop interfaith clergy training on domestic violence, and trained non-Jewish communities (such as the Afghan Women’s Health Partnership) on cultural models for abuse prevention. We are entering our second year of a national collaboration with Hillel: the foundation for Jewish Campus Life to bring dating violence prevention education to Jewish students on college campuses nationwide. Here in the Bay Area, over 1,000 teens and their parents and teachers each year take part in our Love Shouldn’t Hurt healthy relationships workshops, learning skills ranging from setting healthy boundaries and recognizing warning signs of unhealthy relationships, to understanding Jewish teachings about friendships and intimacy.  In November 2011, Shalom Bayit was invited to speak at Vice President Biden’s Regional Town Hall Meeting in Oakland, CA on Engaging Men & Boys in Preventing Violence Against Women. 

We focus on community-wide strategies to reduce and prevent violence in the home. Our programs combine transformative  community  education  and  training  with  crisis  intervention  services,  to  create  a  comprehensive prevention  and  intervention  response  to  domestic  violence.  As  we  pursue  our  work  to  change  the  Jewish community’s understanding of domestic violence, we work to build its capacity to respond to actual situations of abuse. Specific programs include: 

Transforming  Lives:  individual  counseling,  support  groups,  toll-free  helpline,  advocacy,  and  Jewish  spiritual healing for battered women and their children (serving an average of 100 women each year);

Transforming the Future: Love Shouldn’t Hurt teen dating violence prevention and healthy relationships education for 11-21 year olds and their parents/educators (serving an average of 1,000 youth / youth allies each year);

Transforming Communities: training and education to rabbis and other professionals, Jewish community leaders, individuals and organizations on preventing violence within a cultural/spiritual framework (approx. 900/year). 

All our services are free and available to anyone who needs them. Individuals can access Shalom Bayit’s services by calling our Bay Area toll-free helpline at (866) SHALOM-7.  

Shalom Bayit’s approach weaves domestic violence education with Jewish values and traditions to achieve community transformation. For example, using   Jewish values as a framework for examining teens’ lives and choices, youth workshops empower young people with tools for positive self-esteem, healthy boundaries and bottom lines, safety planning, and communication—skills needed to create loving, respectful, violence-free relationships.Love Shouldn’t Hurt gives girls and young women the knowledge they need to protect themselves and to make healthy relationship choices, and helps boys and young men become respectful relationship partners and allies in abuse prevention.   The heart of our women’s program work is to empower women and girls to make positive choices, and to keep themselves and their children safe. That includes creating paths to independence, building healthy, respectful relationships and families, and seeking healing and justice in their lives.

Update from Shalom Bayit  – mentioned being 2012 Tikkun Olam Award recipient by the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project. See details below.

Shalom Bayit wins 3 awards!

This Spring, our staff are proud recipients of three awards recognizing the important work that we do. Read on below and please join us in celebration at the awards receptions!


11th Annual Helen Diller Award for Excellence in Jewish Education This year’s award for informal education goes to our very own Youth Program Coordinator, Zephira Derblich-Milea. We are delighted that Zephira is being recognized with this prestigious award for her extraordinary work educating children and teens over the past seven years. Please join us at the Jewish Community Federation annual meeting on Sunday, June 10th, 10:30am for the awards ceremony. A breakfast reception will precede the ceremony at 9:30am.

Location: AMC Loews Metreon, Movie Theater #15 • 101 4th Street, SF


After that you can hop on over to Israel in the Gardens next door, or head to the Presidio where Shalom Bayit Executive Director Naomi Tucker will be honored by the National Council of Jewish Women for her work in the area of family safety. Other notable honorees will be Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and NCJW past president Linda Kurtz, a longtime friend to Shalom Bayit. NCJW annual awards luncheon: 12pm June 10th, Presidio Golf Club • 8 Presidio Terrace, SF

In April Naomi and Shalom Bayit were also named as 2012 Tikkun Olam award recipients by the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project. This award recognized Shalom Bayit for its work to end violence, and honored Naomi for her 28 years of “exceptional service of helping women in danger, and getting those horrendously difficult issues into the public domain so that change can happen.”

Thank you to Helen Diller and family, to the Jewish Community Federation, to the National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco Section, and to the Haiti Jewish Refugee Legacy Project for recognizing Shalom Bayit’s accomplishments and bestowing these wonderful honors upon us!

Shalom Bayit was invited to present a workshop on healthy relationships and boundaries at the inaugural South Bay Womyn’s

Healthy Relationships Brainstorm at the South Bay Womyn’s Conference.
Photo by Nina Tabios / Spartan Daily

Conference in San Jose. Check out the fabulous write up about our workshop!


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